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Parcel Number : 365-221-28  
Secured and/or Supplemental Taxes
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Current Year and Unpaid Non-Delinquent Tax Bills
Parcel Number Tax Year Roll Type Status
365-221-28.02002023Secured SupplementalUNPAID
365-221-28.01002005Unsecured SupplementalUNPAID

Prior Year Delinquent Taxes
For prior year information, you may click on the Tax Default Number (TDN) below to view a summary of the taxes due for all the tax-defaulted parcels.
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Parcel Number Tax Default No. Roll Type Status

Information is current as of 03/01/2024.
Current and Previous Year Tax Bills
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Secured Property Tax Bill Information

Top Five Dos and Donts for Secured Property Tax Bills