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Please verify the property information below before remitting your payment to ensure you are paying the correct parcel.

Payment Summary
Parcel No. 365-221-28.0100
Tax Year 2005
Property Location 6913 E AVENIDA DE SANTIAGO
Roll Type Unsecured Supplemental

Please indicate the tax installment(s) you wish to pay by clicking on the corresponding button. If you wish to pay both installments now, you must select the button corresponding to "Pay Both Installments", otherwise, if you only pay the first installment, you must wait two days to pay the second installment separately. Please note that you may only pay the second installment if the first installment is already paid or if you are paying both installments.

Installment Amount Due Installment Deadline Remarks
First Installment Paid $0.00 Paid on
Pay Second Installment $7,282.77 09/30/2005 Until 04/01/2024
Total Amount Due $7,282.77    

Save postage and "Go Green Electronically" by using our no cost eCheck payment option. Or pay your taxes using your VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card either on-line or by telephone at 714-834-3411. Payments made by credit or debit card will be charged a 2.29% service fee (minimum charge of $1.95).

Click on one of the button selections below to go to our secure third-party processing vendor to complete the transaction. If you have an ACH Debit Block, please give your bank our ID# 9956000928.
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